Two years.

Two years ago today we packed it all up, left our home, said good-bye to our family and our community and headed to Waynesville, North Carolina.

Because He asked and we’ve always said the big Yes.

But can I tell you how scary crazy that was? It was insane. We knew that it was quick, outrageous and it wouldn’t be received by everyone 100%.  And that was okay.

We knew, however, that He said it.  Clear as day.  Move to Waynesville and Move in January 2015.

That was our immediate directive.  So we did it.

Our second directive was to live our lives and get involved in our community.

We’ve been doing that now for the last two years.  Digging in to our community, meeting new people, joining committees, getting involved at school, joining a gym, extra-curriculur activities, inviting strangers to dinner, you name it. We absolutely love it here.  This place is so beautiful. We love the friendliness and loyalty of the people who call this area home. It’s small, cozy and now it’s our home.

Along the way, we’ve tried a few things to start a church.

Monthly meetings.  Bi-monthly meetings.  Weekly meetings. Sunday night church.  Sunday morning church. Tuesday morning prayer.  Weekly meals. We’ve even had a scaled-down version of a WellSpring School of Ministry.

All of those things were good.  All of those things felt right in the moment. We’ve seen some growth, decline, people come and people go.

But at the end of these two years, we are back to square one. We’re back to asking Papa the hard questions.

What does planting a church look like here in Haywood County? When do we start? What do you want us to do? What are You up to here?

Interesting Fact: Haywood County is the only county in North Carolina that all water flows out of while none flows in. Prophetic much?

Interesting Observation: Haywood County is also a hotbed of spiritual activity – on both sides. People are hungry for something more.  You can see it and you can sense it. God is calling so many people to this area and they are waiting on Him to do whatever it is He’s up to. Isn’t that crazy?

So we know we’re in the right place.  Now we’re waiting for the right strategy and the right time. For this next season, however long it is, we are praying into that.

Would you pray for us as we wait on the Father and His timing and strategy?

We know He has plans for this county. We know we are called here to be a part of that.

Until then…

M. x



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