the homeschool journey logoWe did it.

We finished 180 days of school.

At home.

Me teaching.

Her “student-ing.”

Folks, this is a miracle.  A phenomenon.

I’ve learned so much over the last 9 months.  I’ve learned how she likes to study, do homework, learn new concepts.  I’ve learned to let go of rigid teaching and let the everyday-ness of life take over and use those as teaching moments.  I’ve learned that school can be mobile, at night, in the morning, over lunch, in-between meetings and even after church.  I’ve learned that teaching my child is so fulfilling – even on the days I want to hang her by her toes.

What We Did in April

Home Ec
Zoe got her first taste of sewing.  She, along with the help of her Daddy, sewed up a hole on a teddy bear she has in her plethora of stuffed animals in her room. She’s ready to sew anything (or so she thinks). She also dyed eggs for the first time.  With her sister.  (Yes I know it’s a shame we haven’t done this until now, but honestly, I don’t like it.  There.  I said it.) She also continues to help around the house. We still go rounds about her room (see pic) but at the end of the day, it’s a battle I choose to leave alone.  She cleans it when I tell her and it stays that way all of 2 hours.  So, I can live with that.  😉

Rounding/Estimation (via addition and subtraction)
Fractions (1/2, 1/4, 2/3, 3/4)

Zoe read Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  All of it.  By herself.  And wrote a small book report on it for me.  It was her first introduction to the “N” word.  Once I explained it to her, she would “skip” over the word when reading out loud. It was funny.  She was sad when Uncle Tom died.  Sad when Eva died.  But her general consensus was that the book was “100% awesome and full of action.”  I really enjoyed combining subjects.  We’ll be doing a lot of that next year.  She visited Ft. Moultrie with her Dad and spent an afternoon exploring that and learning about the fort.

We had a lot of days of painting, drawing, writing stories, making music, acting, dancing and creating with Play Dough.  I loved these days because she was fully engaged and fully alive.  She loves this type of learning.  I want to incorporate more of this next year as well – even in Math, Literature, Spelling, Science.  She loves hands-on activities.

All in all I feel like we had a successful year.  But I’m not going to lie.  I’m glad we are on break for the next 3 months.  😉  When I start working on my curriculum for next year, I’ll start posting again on this subject so you can see the things I’m choosing to use for our 3rd grade year.

Here’s to summer!





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