I can’t believe this year is almost over.  2014 was an incredible, amazing, frustrating and trying year.  I think every range of emotion was felt as we processed through a lot of stuff over the last 12 months.  But even through all of it, I’m thankful.  God has been so faithful to us this year.  So faithful and so very good.  Needless to say there will be lots of memories from 2014 we’ll take with us into the future.

January 2014

Shannon’s mom, who had been living with us for 5 years, got sick and her diabetes spiraled out of control.  As a result she was hospitalized for few weeks and had a toe and a portion of the top of her foot amputated. After surgery the meds made her sick, but she was sick without them.  It was touch and go for a few weeks, but then she started healing up well.  Doctor’s appointments, home health visits and home care filled the first half of the year.

At the same time, I was blessed with the opportunity to start working with the Association of Realtors here as a virtual assistant this month.  This extra income allowed us to pay off a few things, and start preparing to find his mom her own place to live.

February 2014

Haley, our oldest daughter, had been losing a lot of weight – 25 pounds to be exact.  She came to the realization that she was having a problem stopping the need to lose weight and came to us for help.  So we started counseling and therapy for an eating disorder.  It was a huge blow to all of us. But thankfully God placed amazing counselors, therapists and friends around us to help Haley through this tough time and to give us comfort as we walked it out with her.  As of today, she has gained back 12 pounds and is almost to her goal weight.  We are so thrilled with the progress she has made.  She’s so very brave.  We’ve all learned a lot this year about eating disorders, the weight of our words and how they can potentially affect people. And I’ve officially determined that I literally HATE what society deems cute, sexy, attractive and cool and the message that sends to women. There.  I said it.

June 2014

Our world was totally rocked one Sunday night when God basically told us to move to Waynesville, NC to plant a New Day Community Church.  Yeah. There’s that.  You can listen to THAT whole story here.  So from this moment we knew we had 7 months left with our community and family here. Talk about a game changer.

August 2014

Praises!  We were finally able to move his mom into her own home.  She was excited.  We were excited.  And it took one more thing off of our shoulders considering the upcoming move in January.

We started our 2nd year of homeschooling in August as well.  Zoe started 3rd grade.

October 2014

We had a prayer and worship service in Waynesville to cover the area and to get a feel for the city.  30 or so of our church family (and my parents!) came to help us out.  It was so fun and amazing and everything I hoped it would be.  It made the move a little more real.

I also started training my replacement for my full time job as Admin at church.  That started really making things real too.  😉

November 2014

11 years.  We celebrated 11 years of marriage.  It was probably our most exciting and also trying year.  But God was amazing, Shannon was amazing and well, we’re still here.  That’s good.  I love that man.  And I’m totally stoked to move into this next phase of our lives together.

December 2014

We are gearing up for our move.  After a lovely, quiet Christmas Day at home, we started taking a look at everything that needs to happen here in order to move there.  Not to mention all of the “Lasts” we are experiencing.  That’s a bummer.  We preached for the last time at our home church last Sunday.  And my last day as a full-time employee is this Sunday.  Crazy.  Our last Thanksgiving in our home, our last Christmas, etc.

Typically this time of year I would write some sort of synopsis on how my OneWord365 for this year turned out.  My word was Selfless.  Honestly, I don’t think I could put into words what my OneWord looked like this year.  It was the most trying word.  I learned so much from what I experienced. I’ve had a OneWord focus for 5 years now.  But I think I’m taking a break for 2015.  This word banked me a year of grace I think.  So I’m taking the year off from that focus.  Instead it looks like we will be focusing on what God wants from us as we help Him build New Day Waynesville.

So goodbye 2014.  Thanks for the memories – all of them.  I’m sure we’ll re-visit this year and talk about it for years to come.  Hello 2015.  We are excited to see what you have in store for us.  So, bring it.  We’re ready. We think.  😉

Happy New Year friends!  Grace and peace and joy of the Father be with you all in this coming year!

Thanks for sharing!