bring me home to your heart | a song

It’s been six years. Six years since I’ve written a song. Six years since I’ve even cared to write a song. It’s hard. It’s vulnerable. It’s scary. It’s heavy. It’s humbling. And I don’t like doing it at all. But apparently He thinks I should write. So after six years of the quietest season of […]

from martha to mary | the older son

To read all of the posts in this series, you can click here. I realize that the Older Son isn’t directly related to the story of Martha & Mary, but it is directly related to my story and has the same undertones in it that the story of Martha & Mary carries. Let’s look at […]

from martha to mary | the struggle continues

(You can read   From Martha to Mary | My Journey starting at the beginning here) Eight years married to a traveling evangelist. Eight years I spent trying to get God to love me more. Eight years I spend trying to earn His attention, His affection, His favor. And let’s be honest. I also wanted […]