Why advertise with The Heart of the Matter?
The Heart of the Matter is a place where I talk about the matters of the heart from a personal perspective, a biblical perspective and a counseling/psychology perspective. I also review books and have a design section for web/blog design.  The Heart of the Matter attracts a dedicated and ever growing international audience of both men and women who are looking to

Who’s reading The Heart of the Matter?

  • 92% of readers are female
  • 80% are married
  • 63% are between the ages of 30-39
  • 17% are between the ages of 40-49
  • 50% have children 17 or under living at home
  • 40% of readers visit once a week
  • 17% visit once a day
  • 60% visit this site via a Facebook link/post


The Heart of the Matter offers ad space in three different sizes on a monthly basis with a first-time minimum purchase of two months. All ads appear on the right-hand side of the blog and a text link appears in the footer of THOTM’s RSS Feed Subscriptions. They are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Small 125 x 125 ads

Above is an example of the smallest ad size available on THOTM. They measure 125 x 125 pixels. The small ads are currently available for purchase. For pricing, please e-mail me.



300 x 100 ads


These advertisements measure 300 x 100 pixels. They appear when readers load the home page and all other pages. Currently available for purchase. For pricing, please e-mail me.

300 x 250 ads

These ads measure 300 x 250 pixels. They appear when readers load the home page and all other pages. Currently available for purchase. For pricing, please e-mail me.



The Heart of the Matter can feature many different services and products associated with technology, software, reading, family vacations, restaurants, family living, spiritual growth. If you believe your product or service fits the style of  THOTM and you’d like a sponsored post or a giveaway highlighting that product/service, send an e-mail with details and you’ll be provided with current rates.

Guidelines: Posts include up to 5 images, organic text links, review or editorial written by Mary Hess . All sponsored posts are marked as such in order to comply with FTC regulations. The post can act as an introduction to a product or service and may contain discounts and/or giveaways.

To develop and expand the online presence of The Heart of the Matter, Mary Hess will be attending 1-2 conferences per year. To help with expenses associated with tickets, travel, accommodations, food and additional expenses, THOTM partners with companies who would like to be represented at these conferences. An exclusive sponsor would receive the following:

  • 300 x 250 above the fold advertising for 3 months.
  • Sidebar advertising (125px by 125px) for 9 months.
  • Two dedicated posts about the conference, before and after, that will include a thank you message to your company with an organic text link to your website
  • Tweets, including your company’s Twitter handle, twice a week before the conference, twice a day during the conference and twice after the conference.
  • A shirt or laptop bag with your company logo worn at the conference and featured in photos that will later be posted on Facebook.
  • Dedicated space on the back of Mary’s business cards that mention your company as her sponsor.

I am open to customizing a package to fit the needs of an exclusive sponsor. Partial sponsors would have a package customized for them depending on the amount given.

In 2012, Mary has an interest in attending the following conferences:

  • Blissdom: Blogging & Social Media Conference / February 23- 25, 2012 / Nashville, TN / 500+ Attendees / $500 needed
  • Relevant: Christian Blogging & Social Media Conference / October 2012 / Harrisburg, PA / 500+ Attendees / $700 needed

To request a media kit or to discuss conference sponsorship options in depth, please send me an email.


If you would like to submit a product for review you are welcome to do so.  If your product, book or other item is selected for publication it will be archived on THOTM indefinitely and at the discretion of THOTM. With the post THOTM will include your contact information for purchasing. If you want a guaranteed review then there is a $55 fee that includes mentions on Twitter and Facebook.

Please consider the following guidelines before submitting products for review:

  • I cannot guarantee that every product will be reviewed and published unless you pay the $55 fee or we have come to an alternate agreement.
  • I regret that we will not be able to return any items submitted for review. Additionally, I cannot guarantee that items used in a review will be repackaged for a reader giveaway. Should you desire to provide me with additional products for a giveaway then I will be happy to host that at our site for you when your review is published. You are responsible for mailing the products to the winner. Please do not mail giveaway items to me.
  • Generally, items submitted for review are ready for publication within 4-6 weeks; however, some items may take up to months of faithful use for an accurate and helpful review. Please note that items I specifically request for review may be published sooner, as they are generally part of a special feature I am working on for upcoming articles. I do make exceptions for most blog tours but please give me ample time to read the material.

To request a media kit discussing advertising options in depth, please send me an email.

Topics covered here include:

  • Discovering root issues of the heart.
  • Revealing multiple layers of love for family and friends.
  • Inspiration and wisdom for successful daily living.
  • Guides to successful blogging, social media, and online ministry.
  • And because I am a Christ follower you will also find some biblically based content and reflections.