That Amy.  She’s crazy.  But I love her.  And I’m so thankful she threatened to push me out the window ignited the desire in me to step out of my comfort zone and just do this thing.  Week 3 of #RiskRejection is drawing to a close.

A big thank you to the tens of you who stop by to keep up with the craziness that is my life.  Here’s my weekly update.

  • Sent 5 pages to an editor.  I emailed a few pages of my book to an editor to get a sample of how she works.  As well it will give me an idea of what it will cost to edit my book.  Deep edit.  The kind that makes you cry edit. As of today, I’m still waiting on a return of said pages from said editor.
  • Writing.  I have written about 2000 words this week.  My book total is about 17,000 words.  I’d love to write more, but it’s hard to do that and juggle jobs, homeschool and family time.  So I plug along. Sometimes it feels like I have nothing more to say.  So writing was a bit harder this week. I’m still pressing into my goal of writing at least 2000/week until I reach my goal of at least 50,000 words.  Oh. My. Yikes.  I mean, I know women have 20,000 words a day to use up, but really?!
  • Outline & Description. I spoke with a friend who shared that when he started on his book, he did an outline then wrote a paragraph for each chapter to help keep him on track.  So Shannon and I are going to get the outline set (I need a second set of eyes to help with this.).  I’ve already started working on this – getting the chapters down to about 12-15 and writing the descriptive paragraphs for each (I have about 1000 words there already. . . so while that doesn’t count toward the book, it’s still progress, right?!) After I do the outline, I’m going to expand my chapters to about 3000 words each.  GULP.
  • Writing Style. I am really nervous about writing less “blog-posty” (Yes, I just made that word up.  You’re welcome.) and more “book-likey” (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.).  But I was encouraged to just write with all the passion I could and leave the editing and tweaking for later. So, that’s what I’m a-gonna do.  😉

It feels like I don’t have much to report as far as an update. But in a way I feel like I am making steady progress.  It still seems surreal that I’m even trying to actually write a book.





One thing I have really appreciated is all the encouragement and support of this amazing group of people that Amy has connected.   There are people writing books, becoming foster parents, creating beautiful things to sell, and moving across the country, just to name a few.  Fellow #RiskRejection takers.  I like it.

Thanks for sharing!
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