This poor blog has been neglected, hasn’t it?  Honestly, life has been so busy and well, I just felt like I didn’t have words.  But there are things I want to document.  So I guess I better find those words, eh?

Homeschool and Zoe

We’ve finished almost 100 days of school.  Zoe has been a champ.  My work schedule has been a bit more demanding this fall than normal and I’m also training someone to take over my position at church.  So school hasn’t been on the front burner like I had dreamed it would be.  Matter of fact, we have barely touched the school room we set up.  I’m using it right now only because my office downstairs has been dismantled for the move.  Hopefully we’ll get back on track in February, once we’ve settled in at Waynesville.  GAH!  I can’t even believe I’m typing that.  Once we get there, we’ll start tackling Multiplication.  She’s been working on cursive and is doing an amazing job for being practically self-taught.

We also celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday.  She’s 8.  What?!  I can’t even.  Time just flies.  Seriously.  It just flies faster each year.  She got to pick lunch, dinner and of course, there were games at Chuck E Cheese.  Lots of presents and food!  As of the typing of this post, we are gearing up for her to have a slumber party tonight with 4 of her friends.  That should be interesting.  We have lots of fun things planned – manis, pedis, a sundae bar, pizza, popcorn, movies and face painting.


Logo for website 300Transition is hard.  At least for me.  Over the last 2 months I’ve been training the new Office Admin for New Day.  It’s been fun because I love training and overseeing.  But it’s been hard because I don’t want to lose my job here or lose the tightness of this community.  The thought of moving away and starting FRESH freaks me out a little bit.  Yes, we can call.  Yes, people can visit.  But it’s different.  Period.  Life goes on.  Changes happen.  Things get decided.  And I’m no longer a part of it.  Very.  Hard.  Very. Strange.  But I’m super stoked because Johanna is going to do an amazing job and I fully believe I won’t even be missed in this area.  (But I better be missed in general!)

We’ve decided that we are going to work when we first move to Waynesville.  So I’m fortunate that I get to keep my virtual position with the Association of REALTORS here.  I love what I do and it’s fun being able to put systems in place, trouble shoot and train.  We aren’t sure what Shannon will be doing just yet, but it’ll work out.  It always does.  God has had this planned from the beginning.  So we rest in that.  And listen.  We try to listen to everything He says through the various ways He talks to us.


2014-12-19 17.20.5627 days from today we move.  Just. Wow.  We will go up after the new year and find a place to live.  Then we come back and basically pack and move.  Our last Sunday at New Day will be January 11th.  And we preach one last time on December 28th.  So strange.  I wish I could find the words to convey the plethora of emotions that course through me at any given point.

I’m going to miss being here so much. I’m going to miss family, friends, our community.  All of it.  I hate the thought of no longer being a part of the every day-ness of life here as I’ve known it for the past 6 years at New Day and the past 24 years living here in Summerville.

Yet at the same time, I’m so excited!  I’m so anxious to get to Waynesville and dig in to what God has planned for us – a new life, a new routine, a new adventure.  All of it.  I know He has things in store we can’t even imagine.  I’m so thrilled to be on this next phase of the journey.  I am.

Logo 300x300But today, today I’m not excited.  I’m reflective.  I’m melancholy.  I’m contemplative.  I’m spending time soaking up all of these things here that I can, being as fully present as possible.  I don’t want to miss a thing.


A few commercials:

  • GIVE! If you choose to donate to the ministry, it is fully tax-deductible and we will send you a year-end statement in January for any contributions made in 2014.  Thank you so much for your support of what we are stepping in to.  We appreciate it so much!
  • PRAY!  We need to find a house and our house here in Summerville needs to sell!
  • HELP!  Lots of boxes to pack and a truck to load up in the next few weeks. . . . if you have any free time?
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