Hello from my desk in Waynesville!

Close Up Of Man Carrying Sofa As He Moves Into New HomeWe have officially lived here a week.  It still seems surreal.  Shannon and I will say, several times a day, “Hey! We live here now.  This is our home.” I think we’re settling in nicely – finally getting everything in it’s place.  Finding the new places to put things has been a challenge at times.  This house has zero storage capability – no closets, no basement, no attic space and no outdoor shed.  We left all of our outdoor items and holiday items in Summerville until we could figure out where to put everything.  Okay.  The truck was full too but still.  We would have left it anyways.  ;)

There have been so many God-winks since we’ve been here that our hearts are still encouraged and excited to plant this church with Him.  He seems to send those little moments at just the right time.  Everyone we have encountered so far has been so nice and helpful.  We are enjoying and still getting accustomed to the slower pace of life here – no one seems to be in any hurry – for anything.  And while the South is known for it’s ability to move along at a slower pace, Summerville felt like a speeding bullet compared to this.  There is no pressure to do anything RIGHT NOW! here.

Zoe has been adjusting well.  However, we are noticing that her need to be “social” is really kicking in.  And it has become more apparent that she generally just needs lots of activity and action. We are seriously considering public school again for several reasons:  1.  She needs to meet new friends.  2.  We need to meet people.  3.  She needs to be pushed academically.  She has slipped into “Mom, I don’t want to do my work.” mode and that isn’t good because I typically will say, “Okay – we’ll catch up tomorrow.”  4.  I think my grace for homeschooling has lifted.  God asked me to do it for a season and I did.  But I find myself more frustrated than not and less patient than I should be.

The elementary school is right behind our house and has about 370 students.  Her 3rd grade class is only about 17 kids – so very private school feeling.  I chuckled when I saw that they only have 4 bus drivers – and listed the bus numbers and driver’s names for you to have.  We have a meeting set up for Monday with the Principal and we’ll make our decision then.

QuotePersonally, I find myself feeling rather resolute over the last few days.  It’s the same feeling I had when I first had my babies.  I remember I was excited, that I wanted the babies, that I knew I was meant to be a Momma, but there was this settled feeling of “Wow.  This is really happening and I can’t go back.”  Yeah.  I miss my routines, my schedule, my church life, my friends, all of it.  I was laughing at the fact that my calendar is as empty as it has even been since it’s creation.  See below:

2015-01-23 16.04.062015-01-23 16.03.14Oh.  The colors.  The beauty of the appointments on my page. Ahhhhh…………..  But then, then we moved here.  And for now, my calendar looks more like this.——> I’m not going stir-crazy, but I have to admit that this slowed-down pace is very foreign to me.  I’ve rested before, but not to this degree.

Shannon and I are making plans to join a fitness center here in town for not only exercise, but to meet more people.  We both feel that trying to find a few places that we frequent often will help.  The plan is to make a list of places we want to visit and explore.  God has really been giving us the courage and boldness to share our story with complete strangers.  It’s a big deal for me.  Even though I’m outgoing by nature, I still have an introverted side that doesn’t like intruding into someone’s personal space.  And I don’t like rejection.  Ahem.  So, yeah.  This forces me to work on that.

I just wanted to take a moment to say that we love you all.  We miss you and we miss New Day.  We miss our home.  We miss family. Everyone has played such a vital role in our lives and in our healing.  This church will carry your DNA because you invested in us.  We will forever be grateful for that.

Thank you for the continued prayer support, words of encouragement, phone calls, texts, emails and financial donations.  You are all so amazing and we are so honored to still do life with you – even if it is a few hours away.

Well, I suppose there really wasn’t a theme to this post except to just verbally process where we are right now.  God continues to amaze us, be faithful to us, encourage us and love us while we adjust to a new way of life.

Until next time,

Just some words. . .

I wanted to document a few things that have happened over the last few weeks – things that are significant God moments.  Every one of these events has totally reinforced and boosted our faith in God and in the fact that we know He has called us to move to NC.

Ordination Sunday

Yesterday was our last Sunday at our home church.  It was so good, so honoring, so fun and so very bittersweet.  We were ordained – set forth – to go out and plant New Day Waynesville and then we spent the afternoon hanging out with everyone for dinner.

So good.  If you want to listen to the audio of the service, you can right here.  It’s called Ordination Sunday.

There are photos on Facebook, but I wanted to have it here as well.  Sorry for the repeat for those of you who have already seen them.

Renting A House

Some of you may not know but in the beginning we really felt that God was telling us to buy a home. So when we discovered that we couldn’t afford to buy right now (what with still owning a home here in SC), we were disappointed.  We had the usual thoughts, “We must have missed that one.  What if we heard incorrectly?  Did we do something wrong?  Did we have enough faith?”  Yeah.  Those kinds of thoughts.  Because of that, we settled in to the fact that we were going to have to rent a home.

So we waited.  We couldn’t rent until the last minute because we couldn’t afford a mortgage AND rent.  Last week we went to Waynesville to find a house.  We weren’t having much success.  It seemed everything was either too expensive or too run-down.  On Wednesday we had 4 houses to view.  Two of those were strong contenders.  We knew, if everything else was a bust, we would have at least one house to rent we liked.  It was expensive.  A bit out of the price point we wanted.

That afternoon, we had 5 o’clock appointment we had made before leaving town.  We almost forgot to go to it.  We had already decided that we would choose between 2 others we had viewed that day.  But at the last second, Shannon remembered the appointment and whipped the car into the driveway of the house (literally).  When we walked in, we were totally shocked!  This house was amazing.  Gorgeous.  Big.  Renovated.  And affordable.

But we were a bit concerned with the surrounding area – was it a busy place? lots of traffic?  how’s the neighborhood? – all the questions one would typically ask when renting/buying a home.  Our biggest concern was the church that was right next door.  So we asked:  “Do we have to worry about church traffic on Sundays?  Parking?  People mistaking this for the parsonage?”

That’s when we heard the craziest thing ever.  The property manager said, “I believe the church is vacant.”


She went on to explain that it may not be totally vacant but the traffic there was next to nothing, so we’d need to check it out.

We rented the house (of course!) and are on target to possibly purchase it.

It has been amazing watching God set all of this up for us.  Even if the church is being used, it’s crazy to know that we have a potential meeting place to rent, right. next. door.


It’s too much to handle.

Here are a few pics.

Selling Our House

When we got home on Thursday, we were overwhelmed with the number of showings on the house here in Summerville.  We had 12 from Tuesday – Sunday.  God is doing some miraculous things here as well.  I can’t wait to share it with you.

Saying Goodbye

IMG_20150112_120750We are thankful beyond words for what God is doing in our lives.  We are super excited to start our new adventure but it does come with bittersweet feelings as we have to say good-bye to so many amazing people in our lives.  This is the part I’ve dreaded for the last six months.  And as we move into merely days left here in the ‘Ville, we are reminded, once again, that change is inevitable.  We are so thankful for our time here – many, many years.  God has been faithful, good, gracious and gentle as He’s led us through various situations, relationships, life-experiences.  We wouldn’t trade any of it.  There’s joy in the journey.

Time to start the next leg of the race.