God cares | He always has time to sit awhile

New Life x Old Life creative sign with clouds as the backgroundLife keeps going on.

It’s true.  People say it as a means of reconciling the fact that although life has changed for you, everyone else is continuing on as if nothing has changed at all. The world doesn’t stop for us, does it?  It doesn’t take a break to process emotions, feelings, thoughts, changes, etc.  It keeps going.  While you are adapting to some sort of change in your life, the sun is still shining somewhere else, the birds are chirping, people are going to work, there are bills to pay and mouths to feed. The world doesn’t stop for you or for me.

That can feel heavy at times.  We want to know that someone, somewhere recognizes that we are going through something right now.  We want people to either mourn with us, celebrate with us, sit with us or maybe encourage us.  In our human-ness, we need to feel as if someone gets it.  And maybe, just maybe, they can either sympathize, empathize or even stop their world and just be with us in our’s for a little while. Crying child in the arms of his father

It’s awe-inspiring to me, the vastness of this world and life in general.  My life, in the scheme of this world, is so minute, so tiny that it doesn’t affect the functioning of life on this planet. We go about our daily lives as if it is the bigger picture – the main event – and yet, in reality, it isn’t.  Somewhere out there, is a bigger world, a bigger problem, a bigger change, a bigger anything.

That’s not meant to be a downer.

It’s just a fact.

Even though this vastness, this ability to keep going in spite of loss or change amazes me and sometimes saddens me, if I’m completely transparent here, I’m thankful that I can cling to a very real, very comforting truth:

God cares about me.

My life does matter.  I’m learning that even if life is still going on while I’m adapting to a new normal, adapting to new circumstances, to change, to whatever is thrown my way, there is One who pays attention to the smallest of details in my very small life.  He cares about what I am experiencing, how it affects my life, how I process it, every little piece of it.

And He feels the same way about you too.  Did you know that?  Were you aware how much He genuinely cares about you?  He does.

I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. (Jeremiah 31:3)

sağlıklı yaşamSo, take heart, my friend.  He cares about every little detail of your life.  He is pursuing you with a passionate love.  He understands your deepest thoughts, fears, needs and dreams.  Nothing that happens to you takes Him by surprise.

Rest in that.

And rejoice.


Because you have a heavenly Father who really does care and who takes time to be with you when your world stops turning.

He always has time to sit awhile.

Hello from my desk in Waynesville!

Close Up Of Man Carrying Sofa As He Moves Into New HomeWe have officially lived here a week.  It still seems surreal.  Shannon and I will say, several times a day, “Hey! We live here now.  This is our home.” I think we’re settling in nicely – finally getting everything in it’s place.  Finding the new places to put things has been a challenge at times.  This house has zero storage capability – no closets, no basement, no attic space and no outdoor shed.  We left all of our outdoor items and holiday items in Summerville until we could figure out where to put everything.  Okay.  The truck was full too but still.  We would have left it anyways.  😉

There have been so many God-winks since we’ve been here that our hearts are still encouraged and excited to plant this church with Him.  He seems to send those little moments at just the right time.  Everyone we have encountered so far has been so nice and helpful.  We are enjoying and still getting accustomed to the slower pace of life here – no one seems to be in any hurry – for anything.  And while the South is known for it’s ability to move along at a slower pace, Summerville felt like a speeding bullet compared to this.  There is no pressure to do anything RIGHT NOW! here.

Zoe has been adjusting well.  However, we are noticing that her need to be “social” is really kicking in.  And it has become more apparent that she generally just needs lots of activity and action. We are seriously considering public school again for several reasons:  1.  She needs to meet new friends.  2.  We need to meet people.  3.  She needs to be pushed academically.  She has slipped into “Mom, I don’t want to do my work.” mode and that isn’t good because I typically will say, “Okay – we’ll catch up tomorrow.”  4.  I think my grace for homeschooling has lifted.  God asked me to do it for a season and I did.  But I find myself more frustrated than not and less patient than I should be.

The elementary school is right behind our house and has about 370 students.  Her 3rd grade class is only about 17 kids – so very private school feeling.  I chuckled when I saw that they only have 4 bus drivers – and listed the bus numbers and driver’s names for you to have.  We have a meeting set up for Monday with the Principal and we’ll make our decision then.

QuotePersonally, I find myself feeling rather resolute over the last few days.  It’s the same feeling I had when I first had my babies.  I remember I was excited, that I wanted the babies, that I knew I was meant to be a Momma, but there was this settled feeling of “Wow.  This is really happening and I can’t go back.”  Yeah.  I miss my routines, my schedule, my church life, my friends, all of it.  I was laughing at the fact that my calendar is as empty as it has even been since it’s creation.  See below:

2015-01-23 16.04.062015-01-23 16.03.14Oh.  The colors.  The beauty of the appointments on my page. Ahhhhh…………..  But then, then we moved here.  And for now, my calendar looks more like this.——> I’m not going stir-crazy, but I have to admit that this slowed-down pace is very foreign to me.  I’ve rested before, but not to this degree.

Shannon and I are making plans to join a fitness center here in town for not only exercise, but to meet more people.  We both feel that trying to find a few places that we frequent often will help.  The plan is to make a list of places we want to visit and explore.  God has really been giving us the courage and boldness to share our story with complete strangers.  It’s a big deal for me.  Even though I’m outgoing by nature, I still have an introverted side that doesn’t like intruding into someone’s personal space.  And I don’t like rejection.  Ahem.  So, yeah.  This forces me to work on that.

I just wanted to take a moment to say that we love you all.  We miss you and we miss New Day.  We miss our home.  We miss family. Everyone has played such a vital role in our lives and in our healing.  This church will carry your DNA because you invested in us.  We will forever be grateful for that.

Thank you for the continued prayer support, words of encouragement, phone calls, texts, emails and financial donations.  You are all so amazing and we are so honored to still do life with you – even if it is a few hours away.

Well, I suppose there really wasn’t a theme to this post except to just verbally process where we are right now.  God continues to amaze us, be faithful to us, encourage us and love us while we adjust to a new way of life.

Until next time,