The Homeschool Journey :: Grade 3, Part 2

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Homeschool has been, ummm, interesting this year so far.  As of today, we have finished 30 days of class.  I guess that’s not too bad.  But it’s not where we were this time last year.  Funny how life events, work, family time, church, whatever else gets thrown in the mix, can alter a day in a matter of seconds.

I’m not a big fan of that.

But at least with homeschool, we can roll with the punches and try to keep going.

I’m not a big fan of that either.

But at least it’s an option and I’m learning to take advantage of it.

If you’ve popped over here expecting to see an amazing post of everything we have accomplished and how awesome it has been, you’re gonna be disappointed.  This is your only warning.

3rd Grade School RoomSchool Room

I had high hopes that we would spend 2-3 hours a day sitting in front of the computer in our cute little school room doing school room related things.  Things like discovering how to save the world from this ISIS crisis, how to get the US out of it’s crazy national debt, save our dollar, and oh, maybe set Zoe up for President soon.  But that hasn’t happened.  In fact, we’ve barely used said room because of life.  And timing.  And work. And my needing to be doing stuff while she’s doing stuff.


We’ve sat in there a few times, but it’s been a chore to make it happen.  Hopefully as my work pace slows down over the next couple of months (and before we have to pack this house up to move to NC), we’ll actually use it the way I had dreamed we would.

Bahahahahaha.  I crack myself up.

School Work

2014-09-30 13.35.07We are really playing it kinda loose at first.  I’m bombarding Zoe with lots of worksheets to go over things we learned last year. Giving her a 3 month break was a BIG mistake.  I feel like we are starting over in some areas (Math, especially).  We have been doing lots of addition and subtraction with Regrouping (which apparently is the politically correct term to use these days.  I particularly still like borrowing.  But I digress).

This is the stack of work she’s completed this year so far.  And I still need to grade it all thoroughly.  Yay me.  She loves having paper in her hands, so again this year, I’m printing her work and using the computer minimally.  Maybe that will change as we ease into more of a routine (Please Dear God Let Us Ease Into A Routine Soon). We’ll see.

Fun TimesShe’s had a blast over the last couple of weeks going over to a friend’s house to do homeschool while I work (shout out to Ginger Widener!).  They had a Fiesta Day and made paper flowers, tacos, and talked about Mexico.  Then she has played Restaurant a few times – making a menu with prices – and using our play money to pay the bill, make change, leave a tip.  This is helping her with her Regrouping skills.  She’s finally heard back from her pen pal in Belarus.  And lastly, I’ve set her up to do daily and weekly chores.  So I’m hoping that we can do lots of “every day” things that will build her skills and help her with some of her work that tends to be tedious and boring to her.


She broke her arm about 5 weeks ago – her wrist, actually – while dancing in the living room one night.  She’s been a trooper about it and pretty much does everything she did before.  She’s had another growth spurt and now stands at 4 ft 6.5 in tall – at almost 8 years old.  Her 18 year old sister, Haley, is 5 ft 2 in  if that gives you any grid.  She’s still as rambunctious as ever and loves to sing and dance every chance she gets.  There’s never a dull moment.  Ever.  Never. Ever.

I’ll be back with another update next month.  We are at T-3.5 months until we move to NC.  So this homeschool thing is sure to get even more interesting as the time approaches to start packing this place up. . . .

This Season – Grace and Peace

I see you, my friend.  I see those dark circles under your eyes, the tired laugh that you muster up because it’s all you’ve got.  I see you.  Hey.  This is just a season.  Breathe.  Relax.  Sit back in it – yes, even the busyness of life – and move with the rhythm of this moment.  It won’t last forever.

IMG_2151There’s grace for spinning all of those plates.  There’s grace for that next meeting, even though it’s at 9 pm and all you want to do is climb into bed and sleep for what seems like forever.  There’s grace for that next church function even though it seems we just had one last night.  There’s grace for the children who won’t stop tugging at you when all you want to do is sit and veg out on a mindless TV show or book you’ve been dying to read.  There’s grace for the dirty dishes, the dusty counters, the dirty floors and the piles of laundry.  They’ll be there tomorrow.

And so will grace.

I’m discovering that working – especially in the kingdom of God – is sometimes stretching, sometimes tiring, sometimes frustrating.  And that’s normal.  And that’s okay.  Sometimes our daily lives intersect with our work for God and they get all jumbled up into one big pile of work and well, it feels like it’s too much or maybe we are stepping into too much.


Don’t let your attitude get sucked into the pit.


We can be busy working for the kingdom and even working in life.  It’s okay.  It doesn’t mean we aren’t resting and it doesn’t mean we are striving.  We are simply busy right now.

You’ve been there.  I’ve been there.

Heck, I’m there right now.

I get tired.  Every day.

My nerves feel shot sometimes.

I miss sleep.

But I’m not striving.  I’m not out of the will of God.  I’m just simply at a busy place in life.

So I ask for grace.

I ask for wisdom.

I ask for the strength to get through this season because I know soon enough this season will change. 

So hang in there friend.  You’re doing okay.  Even in the middle of all the stuff, you’re living.  You’re being present.  You’re doing life.  You’re working for God.  And that’s amazing.  And that’s important.  And that is so. very. needed. right now in this season.

Let’s support each other right now.  Let’s help one another when we can.  Let’s remember to take time to breathe – even if it’s quick breath in between meetings, events, family time or work.

Smile.  Laugh.  Be thankful.  You’re going to make it.  I’m going to make it.  We’re going to make it.

Grace to you.

Grace and peace.

x M.