God Met Us At The Bar – Again

god met us at the bar again

Shannon and I have been chatting lately about how life must have looked walking with Jesus in the flesh.  We wish that there was a bit more commentary in the Bible about the actual conversations Jesus had when hanging out with sinners. What did He say? How did they act around Him?  We do know a few things about Him and His interactions with them. He was a friend to the sinners.  (Matthew 11:16-19 and John 8:1-11) He went to their houses, spending time and sharing a meal. (Luke 19:1-8) My … [Read more...]

Book Review :: Giants in the Land

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From the book: Thomas and his giant companion have disappeared. At the mercy of the evil king of Westland, in great peril, and with no hope for escape, Thomas faces an impossible test for survival. Book Three caps this award-winning trilogy with a danger-ridden triple quest: save Thomas, redeem a lost people, and reverse the land's painful slide toward destruction. Can help be found in a mythical cave at the far edge of the world? Whispered legends speak of a ferocious tribe, fearsome … [Read more...]

Patience, Young Grasshopper


Gardening.  It's apparently a "thing" here in the Waynesville area.  We can't drive a tenth of a mile without seeing some type of garden.  Some are large, some are small.  We've seen people tilling ground, planting seeds, and now that the plants are starting to grow, we see them tending the garden.  I remember gardening with my mom as a child.  All 4 of us kids had to help out in some way, whether it was pulling weeds by hand (Because heaven forbid we use the hoe and actually chop down the … [Read more...]

Change, Transitions and Life, oh my!

Tulips in Hendersonville NC

Do you like change?  How well do you handle transition?  When life throws you a big ol' curveball, do you duck or try to bat it out of the park? We've been in Waynesville now for almost 4 months. It's been quite the adjustment.  I knew I would have to transition from having access to my family/friends.  I knew that would be difficult. What I didn't anticipate was adjusting to a slower pace of life, an empty social/work calendar and the dead of winter in the mountains where we knew no … [Read more...]