2013 OneWord 365 Dare

The first year was a year of anticipation.

Last year was a year of being fully present.

This year, well, this year, woah.

I’m not a risk taker by nature.

I like things to have a projected path, a definitive outcome.

I hate rejection (yeah, yeah, yeah, who doesn’t right?).

I’m scared of failure.

So here I sit, typing this post out and my heart is pounding





Just saying this out loud freaks me out.


Because I already know a few areas I need to dare to step out.


1. to have the necessary courage or boldness for something; be bold enough: You wouldn’t dare!

2. to have the boldness to try; venture; hazard.

3. to meet defiantly; face courageously.

My mind already goes to the usual thoughts I have this time of year:
  • what if I don’t follow through and fail miserably at this oneword thing?
  • what if I dare to do something out of my comfort zone and bomb at it?
  • what if I dare to put myself out there and get rejected?

All of these what if’s.

Always what if’s.

I’ll just lay it out real clear.

I’m afraid to be daring.

I’m afraid.


Because inside me of I know a couple of areas that He wants to me to be daring about.

Part of me really wants to be.

But most of me is shaking in my shoes.

I don’t know how to reconcile that except one way.


Dare to just jump off the cliff and do it.

Dare to just go for whatever He asks.

Dare to lay it all out there regardless of my fear of rejection.

Dare to be fully me, not anyone else , and find my voice.


Here we go 2013.

Let’s do this.



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