I was thinking about my #OneWord2011 today.

And I realized that I am still falling into old patterns and traps.

Anticipating nothing – not anticipating positively.


Umm. . . . haven’t been so great at that lately – anticipating positively.

The last few years for us have been so full of angst, trials, frustration, hurt, financial disappointment.

And I’ve just grown accustomed to, well, to just not anticipating.

I know why.

If I believe for the positive and it doesn’t happen, then I’ll be hurt and disappointed.


I said it.

But I so want to anticipate things.

I want to be excited about possibilities.

Instead of looking at them and seeing how it may not work.

So, my goal is to be more verbal.

To say it out loud.

To force myself to get into the habit of being more anticipating – in a positive light.

And I already know this is going to be hard.

But here I go. . . .

How’s your #OneWord2011 coming along?

Thanks for sharing!