usIt’s been quite the journey. We’ve weathered severe storms, a couple of dry spells, a blizzard or two and maybe a small earthquake here or there. But the sunny, breezy, warm days have far outweighed those dreary ones, my love.

I’ve been thinking about our lives and how we’ve managed to not only stay together, but still really, really like each other.  I love that.  I love that you and I can spend hours together just goofing off, laughing, exploring, sitting on the front porch, dancing the night away, climbing a mountain – and it’s not a chore.

That’s good.

We talk about the weather, our plans for the day, what’s going on in our girls’ lives and even what we think God is up to these days in this great adventure we’ve been on for the last two years.  We talk about the new aches and pains, aging, the good night’s sleep, giggle about something funny over the phone, scheme and plan and dream and strategize – and it’s not a chore.

That’s so good.

We serve each other, we honor each other, we try to out-do one another in giving gifts, planning surprises, being thoughtful, scrubbing the nasty shower, folding endless piles of laundry, making a cup of coffee or a slice of marscarpone cheesecake – and it’s not a chore.

That’s so very good.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that 13 years in to this thing we call marriage – this wonderful, complicated, beautifully messy relationship – I love us.

I love everything about us.

And I love you. So much.

Happy 13th Anniversary babe. Let’s do this for a really long time, okay?  I wanna keep you around forever.

x YW

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