Sometimes we go through life and we find ourselves repeating patterns.  Maybe it’s the same type of issues in a relationship.  Maybe you find yourself dealing with the same issues at a job.  It could be that you are saying/doing things that don’t feel like you, but you can’t see to figure out they why.  It happens.  We all come into this world and pick up wounds, hurts, bad habits.  Sometimes we recognize them and fix them.  Sometimes, we need an outside perspective.

That’s me! I’d be honored to help you figure those things out.  Maybe that requires one meeting.  Maybe you need a few.  It’s okay. I’ve been on the couch a lot in my life.  And honestly, it’s the best place to be. Helping people dig out of their messes, their pasts, their hangups is such a rewarding task!

Skype | Hangout | FaceTime | Messenger Video

1 hour session – $40
6 sessions (1 hour each) – $200

In Person | Face-to-Face
1 hour session – $40
6 sessions (1 hour each) – $200

Qualifications | Experience

  • Ordained Minister – New Day Community Church (PIH Covering)
  • Psychology: Christian Counseling | Liberty University (Bachelor of Science degree)
  • Stress & Trauma Care with Military Application | Light University (AACC External Studies)
  • Caring for Kids God’s Way | Light University (AACC External Studies)
  • Domestic & Community Crisis Response | Light University (AACC External Studies)
  • Acute Stress, Grief & Trauma | Light University (AACC External Studies)
  • 4 years on-site counseling & prayer ministry with New Day Community Church, Summerville, SC

If you’re interested in this, please contact me by filling out the information below. PLEASE NOTE:  I do not keep your contact information on this website. Nor do I use it for anything other than responding to your request.

Counseling Request