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“Book Three continues the saga as the ancient relic directs our travelers on a new quest. Mike meets a struggling new patient during therapy. Ronnie Chen thinks his life is over but the relic has a plan. The expanding group of friends band together as the relic leads them through extraordinarily dangerous historic passages. But this time their quest is complicated by the escape to the present of the Tracker, Clynt. Is there any hope of stopping him from taking control of someone, stealing the relic and leading thousands of evil Trackers in changing history and destroying the world?

The Carsons and their friends must pull together to resist the Trackers at every turn while dealing with a possible traitor in their midst. With the Trackers closing in and the travelers ever more desperate is there any hope of escape? Find out in the thrilling third installment.”


My Review

Book Three does not disappoint! This particular adventure is the best one yet. The author weaves in so much history to the story that you feel as though you are there right in the thick of the plot. I know these books are written for teens, but I couldn’t put any of them down. I have thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Burbidge’s writing style. The characters are well thought-out, the storyline is full of history and action and I simply admire the core values the author weaves into each book. The very values we need more and more of as our children grow and become the adults who will one day be the leaders for the next generation.  Thank you Mr. Burbidge!  Keep writing!

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About the Author

Clark Rich Burbidge (1955 – Present) was born in Ogden, Utah grew up in the high mountain valleys of the Rockies. His long career as a banker, investment banker and Chief Financial Officer has always been balanced by his love of reading or telling a good story. This blossomed into a second career when in 2010 when he was fortunate enough to find others that wanted to make his writing available to the public. With his seventh book soon to be published and the last five books receiving international Mom’s Choice Gold Medal recognition and numerous other awards he is excited about the future. Mr. Burbidge loves to fly, mountain bike and scuba dive but most of all he enjoys being out among his reading public and hearing of the power effect his books have on youth and adults alike. Clark especially loves taking his “Live with the Heart of a Giant” tour to schools, communities and faith-based groups to help others realize their full potential and how to overcome challenges. He shares this rewarding life with his sweetheart and blended family of ten children and six grandchildren.




*I received a free copy of this book to review by PR By the Book.  The opinions are my own.

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