About the book

The award-winning StarPassage saga continues with the relic guiding the Carsons to a new and desperate family. Two brothers, Bobby and Mike, are struggling after a tragic accident turns their world upside down.

Join our heroes on a series of dangerous adventures to solve the relic’s riddles, save lives, escape the ever-increasing Tracker threat, and experience some of the most dreadful and exciting moments in history.

Will they learn from the past–should they change it if they can? Is there any hope for survival?


My Review

I have always thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Burbidge’s books!  He takes the time to weave history into each adventure and then applies it to the main characters in the moment.  This particular book deals with PTSD: how to help family members through it and five self-care techniques to stay strong and secure.  The book targets young readers, but this Momma couldn’t put it down herself!  I appreciated his attention to detail and how he weaves love for one another and self-care throughout the book.

Bobby and Mike, the two central characters in this book are forced to deal with life after a tragic accident.  In dealing with this harsh reality, they learn through visiting others who have had a hard life, including family members from the past, that they can handle anything thrown at them as long as they have God, faith, and family.

I would recommend these books for anyone!  Read them together as a family and then take some time to talk about the issues and advice the book contains to draw you close together.

About the Author

Clark Rich Burbidge (1955 – Present) was born in Ogden, Utah grew up in the high mountain valleys of the Rockies. His long career as a banker, investment banker and Chief Financial Officer has always been balanced by his love of reading or telling a good story. This blossomed into a second career when in 2010 when he was fortunate enough to find others that wanted to make his writing available to the public. With his seventh book soon to be published and the last five books receiving international Mom’s Choice Gold Medal recognition and numerous other awards he is excited about the future. Mr. Burbidge loves to fly, mountain bike and scuba dive but most of all he enjoys being out among his reading public and hearing of the power effect his books have on youth and adults alike. Clark especially loves taking his “Live with the Heart of a Giant” tour to schools, communities and faith-based groups to help others realize their full potential and how to overcome challenges. He shares this rewarding life with his sweetheart and blended family of ten children and six grandchildren.

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